Suits All

In her art, Sitara Ibrahimbayli specializes in portrait photography, documentary and installation genres. The artist researches human stories
in a social and cultural context through her works. Thus, she tries to highlight the problems and harmful practices unrecognized within society and calls the viewers for change.

Suits All is a suit of all sizes worn on a daily basis by men from childhood to old age, traditionally consisting of a white shirt, dark trousers, and a jacket. The suit is not influenced by age, profession, social status or location. A man always wears it. Children dress like their fathers, fathers
like their friends, friends like all the men around them. The suit leaves a man’s body only in case of the man himself leaving this world.

Here the artist refers to gender roles and damaging stereotypes daily told to boys and men, such as “one shall be a real man” and “a man shall be serious”. Furthermore, she attempts to draw attention to the concept of  “protecting the honour and dignity” of the family, being a violent obligation imposed on men from birth to death by a patriarchal society.